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Patti Chan has been crafting experiences since 2002, online with bespoke web applications and more recently with underground dinners and foodie events. She uses her diverse background in product management, software development, food, startups, design, and leadership to connect the dots between a wide array of humans. Whether helping remote teams communicate over long distances, or strangers share across a dinner table, Patti finds the windows in which we tell our stories.

Patti’s served as Managing Director of Projects for Intridea, a leading Rails firm and fully-distributed team building custom products for Fortune 100 and startups. She’s taught Interaction Design at The Maryland Institute College of Art and lectured at The Johns Hopkins University, where she earned a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, and Entrepreneurship & Management. She’s spoken on remote teams, future of work, productivity, and company culture at SXSW, Distill, Atlassian, and more.

Previously, Patti co-founded 600 Block, Inc, a locals-driven guide for peer-discovering restaurants and food specials, which sold in 2010. She’s also co-spearheaded the Ignite series of 5-minute lightening talks in Baltimore and San Francisco. Patti currently resides in Oakland, California where she wanders farmers markets, attempts yogi handstands, and spends every Sunday steaming up her kitchen.


Ok! Formal bio over! This here is my larder for thoughts that recur over my daily morning walks, that keep me up at night, that get me out of bed, and get tossed about with my ever-inspiring fellow humans. I write practically about communication, work relationships, personal relationships, and hacks for living a more connected life. I’ve been fascinated by this topic since 1998, and seriously re-upped in 2013.

Thank you so much for reading. I hope you’ll find some posts useful (if so, please take a moment to share with others!). And if you’re so inclined, leave a comment — I can’t wait to hear from you.